Property Developers From Humble Beginnings

Tangenhamo Properties was established with the sole purpose of developing properties, both commercial and residential. With its origins in South Africa, the company now has footprints in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and soon USA.

The company prides itself in designing and creating world-class residential developments which meet the current trend such as:

Property Services

Property Development

We are the property developer you can count on, who are dependable and available. We are knowledgeable and understand property business inside out. We buy, add value, and sell or rent out to tenants, properties.

We create value by improving on existing buildings or developing new ones altogether from greenfields. We also rezone land use from agriculture to residential/commercial. We are sensitive to your property needs and strive to ensure your requirements are met. We work with great teams of Architects, Town Planners, Environmentalists, Engineers, and Interior Designers to ensure that our dream work is turned into a reality.

Our team go their extra mile to meet your budgetary means but at the same time giving you your best returns on your precious capital input.

Housing Development

With the growing population which isn’t abating, Tangenhamo Properties, are up to the challenge to meet the growing pent up demand for houses. Tangenhamo Properties understands the hardships people are facing saving the hard-earned money, and so structure the housing needs according to their affordability.

We have various packages which range from the very basic but comfortable homes, to the high-end and exclusive housing bracket. We build specifically to fit the buyer’s wallet. We offer all ranges, such as serviced stands with no houses, shell homes, and turnkey homes.

Your wish is our command.

Commercial Development

Tangenhamo Properties is also looking at exploring the commercial property sector. With our dream team, we are able to develop for you inspirational, innovative, dynamic spaces that will linger in the memories of whoever experience them. We can create vibrant inclusive developments where cultures, generations, professions and interests will overlap.
Our idea of shopping malls, are those that visitors have truly memorable experiences which promote mobility, economic growth, legacy, choice, lifestyle, work, play, exercise and intellectual stimulation.

Such malls designed from a collection of buildings and natural elements that create walkable space and plenty of choice will give people access to:
Jewellery and accessories; Books, Cards and Gifts; Coffee shops; Computer stores; Department stores; Entertainment and Cinemas; Restaurants and Food courts; Health and beauty; Lifestyle gyms; Banking; Home furniture and decor; Hypermarkets; Renowned chain stores; Infants and children’s fashions; Women’s fashions; Men’s fashions; Luggage, handbags, and shoes; Optical/Eyewear; Pharmacies; and Ample parking.

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